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Mold Remediation

Got Mold?

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mold remediation

Aspergillus Nidulans Mutant

The big deal about mold is a mycotoxin.  Mycotoxins are a metabolic byproduct of the digested nutrients that fungi produce during the digestive process. Fungi secrete enzymes that help make compounds into simpler substances for digestion. 

What does mold need to grow? Moisture, and a food source? Temperature also makes a difference; typically a warm environment is necessary for mold growth. With this in mind, you should not assume that the removal of one of these things will kill mold. Mold must be killed with a anti-microbial solution and cleaned away in order for a mold problem to be resolved. Removing one of the aforementioned factors will only stop the mold from continuing to grow and spread by forcing it into dormancy.

What is a food source for mold? Any carbon based substance. This includes wood, drywall, dust, dirt, etc. Mold prefers cellulose which can be found in the cell walls of plants and organic material.

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Get Your Mold Cleanup Quote Today.

If you have mold, something is wet enough for it to grow. 

Step 1. Find out what's wet enough to cause microbes to grow.

According to the CDC's Homeowner’s and Renter’s Guide to Mold Cleanup After Disasters,  

Cleaning up after a flood can pose health risks. You and your family should wait to re-enter your home until professionals tell you it is safe, with no structural, electrical or other hazards.


Before you start cleanup activities, contact your insurance company and take pictures of the home and your belongings. Remember – drying your home and removing water-damaged items is your most important step for preventing mold damage. 


We answer the tough questions like, "does my home insurance cover mold damage?"

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