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Sewage damage can cause backflows that are a serious health threat to both humans and pets. This article summarizes what is known about health effects associated with sewage damage into indoor environments and to make technical recommendations for safe mitigation. Dangers to health from specific pathogens (including airborne) are considered, the classes of disinfectants and their properties as well as contaminated material, degree of severity and the length of time of the contamination are addressed.

Water Cleanup is not a matter of "if" Water Cleanup is a matter of "when!" All properties will need water cleanup service at some point. Pipes burst, washing machines overflow, and sewage backs up into homes everyday across the country. Finding the right water cleanup company to perform your water damage restoration can be challenging.

savanah sewage clean up
Raw sewage

It's this challenge that makes handling a water cleanup so frustrating.  It is important to know the hazards involved with unattended water cleanup circumstances. Not only can a water cleanup situation cause damage to your property, if left untreated water damage can cause mental and physical harm to both you and your family. If water cleanup situations are not handled properly, they can cause mold, which can cause illness. Contracting a professional, certified water cleanup company to properly cleanup your water will likely nullify the risk of mold and illness. Find your local water cleanup company today Our Savannah-area professionals are the ones who can help! We can even answer the tough questions like, "is sewer damage covered by my insurance?"

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